5 Amazing Bedroom Design Ideas That Make You Want to Go Home Right Away

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Having a small bedroom doesn’t mean that you can’t have a comfortable sleeping area. You only need to figure out the best bedroom design for small rooms.

A simple layout is good to prevent a stuffy atmosphere inside the room. You can even create the illusion of space to make the bedroom more spacious than the real size. Here, we have five of bedroom ideas for small rooms you can apply at home.

Apply Dark Colors

Some people avoid dark colors because it makes their bedrooms smaller. In contrast, expert designers often apply dark colors to a small bedroom. They explain that dark colors can even make the room chic and elegant.

You may paint the room charcoal gray, navy blue, or olive green. The designer uses opaque black for the walls, door, and even curtain. This bedroom looks simple and elegant by applying monochrome as the main theme.

There are no decorations, except a table lamp and small floating cabinets. The designer also uses wood to strengthen the cozy and warm ambient in the room. Despite the decision not to use any decorations, this room is still functional.

There are no items that are useless in this sleeping area. There is even a wall-mounted rectangular mirror on the side of the room. It is not only creating the illusion of space but also useful when you need to look at a mirror.

The access around this area is also comfortable, so you can walk around it safely. You can still keep some items, such as car keys, glasses, and mobile phones on the floating cabinets. Ensure that the room has enough light since you are using dark colors.

The small table lamp, wall-mounted lamps, and a large window keep the room bright enough. The window even supports good air circulation in this room.

Due to the simple and functional design, it can be one of the recommended modern master bedroom ideas you can apply at home. Indeed, this master bedroom will make you want to go home immediately and sleep there.     

Play with Bright Colors

It doesn’t matter if you don’t like dark colors because you can still play with bright colors while redecorating a bedroom. The bedroom above looks simple but attractive and comfortable. It uses striking orange for the bed and pillow covers.

The designer mixes the color with a wooden bed frame. The design of the bed also looks classic. It reminds you of a Japanese bedroom.

There are also two wooden cabinets with the same theme. A pole lamp with an orange cover is another striking thing in this bedroom.

Like the monochrome bedroom above, this bedroom also doesn’t have any sophisticated decorations on the wall.

The designer applies a simple bedroom interior design and strengthens the aesthetic elements. This room also has a great model, along with the natural texture of the wooden material.

Instead of using a large rug, the designer chooses to use a wooden floor along with square tiles. This option is also the reason why this bedroom looks eye-catching from the first time you enter the room.

Wall decorations, such as paintings and photos are not the only option to decorate bedroom walls.

This bedroom is using a wooden frame to decorate the plain white walls. It is a good decision for those who love to bring the Japanese atmosphere to your house, including in the bedroom.

You may apply this bedroom design if you want to have a cozy bedroom without feeling stuffy and small. The point is that using bold colors is okay as long as you know how to mix and match them in a small room.

Add Wall Decorations

There are so many ways to make your small bedroom feel cozy and neat. Adding some wall decorations is an alternative to have a pleasant sleeping area. The small bedroom above uses motivational wall decors for one of the walls.

It doesn’t make the wall stuffy since the designer hangs wooden frames with monochrome motivational words. There is also a Tumblr lamp on the other sides of the wall. This wall decor makes the room feel warm at night.

The atmosphere helps you to sleep tight right away after turning on the lamp. Do you like to use a polaroid camera? How about clipping them on the wooden photo frame? You can sleep or take a nap while memorizing all the good and happiest memories by seeing the photos.

The more comfortable you are, the easier you can reach deep sleep conditions. Indeed, the wall decorations for bedroom work well to create the illusion of space. You may not have a large bedroom at home, but all the favorite things there keep you in the most comfortable sleeping area.

It seems that you want to go home right away and enjoy your time in the bedroom. Make the room cozier by playing with bright and soft colors. In this bedroom, the designer uses cinnamon, white, gray, lilac, and a combination of them for the pillow covers, blanket, and bedcover.

The color option balances the room so it doesn’t feel narrow despite the small size. Take this reference if you need wall decor ideas for bedroom.   

Create an Open Space Bedroom

Creating an open space is another trick to have a spacious bedroom in a small area. It means that you have to use the space maximally.

Let’s say, you can use a free-standing cabinet and hang it on the wall. This cabinet will make it easy to take items anytime you need them.

How about your clothes? Indeed, you can also create an open space wardrobe in the bedroom. Use a wall-mounted wardrobe to hang fashion items you mostly wear. You can add a free-standing shelf with wheels to put small items.

This shelf is flexible, so you can move it anywhere you want if it is necessary. It is a simple and attractive wardrobe design in bedroom if you only have a small area at home. Ensure that everything in the bedroom is functional and even multifunction.

This bedroom uses a small wooden chair. This chair is multifunctional furniture in which you can use it as a small table when you don’t sit there.

The size makes it easy to move anywhere you want around the room. Instead of painting the wall white, the designer chooses to paint the wall dark brown.

It is one of the recommended wall painting designs in bedroom. The color gives a neat and warm atmosphere, especially when you are opening the window in the morning or turning the lamp.

Take this idea if you have a variety of items to keep in the bedroom. This idea will make everything well-managed, and you still have a comfortable sleeping area.    

Add Hidden Storage

When you think about bedroom ideas for adults, this bedroom is one of the answers. The unique part of this bedroom is the use of a bed frame with hidden storage. This storage is perfect for keeping your clothes and other important items.

You can even use the storage to replace a shelf to make the room more spacious. This bedroom looks simple and pleasant with the lavender wall painting. It can be one of the good wall painting ideas for bedroom if you don’t want to apply white, black, or other common wall painting colors.

The color is soft enough and keeps the room warm when sunlight passes through the window. Instead of putting a lot of chairs, you can use a side or corner table on the side of the bed. Use half of it as a table and the rest as a seating area.

It will be great if you have a seating area close to the window. The best part of this bedroom is that you can even have a comfortable working area.

It is a perfect modern double bed design for those who have to work from home. So, there is nothing wrong with a small bedroom.

Figure out how to make this small room more spacious and comfortable. The small bedroom design ideas above may trigger your creativity to remodel your sleeping area right away.