5 Types of Toilet and Bathroom Design That You Should Know

A bathroom is a vital room at home because the toilet and bathroom design describe a home interior style. Of course, your house will look less beautiful if it has no similar bathroom interior design to the whole home interior. Thus, deciding on an interior design of the bathroom is not easy. At least, you must find … Read more

5 Small Bathroom Paint Ideas That You Can Apply At Home

A bathroom is the main room at home. It is used to clean yourself and relax. It is the right place to refresh your mind. Thus, it often has beautiful interior designs. The bathroom designs can be different depending on the creation of the owner. Some small bathroom paint ideas are being the most favourite … Read more

6 Small Bathroom Floor Plans to Make It Look Clean

A bathroom is a private area that you must keep clean and comfortable. However, because the function is closely related to the water, it is risky to damage and dirty. Selecting the right materials doesn’t ensure that this bathroom is durable and so clean all the time. You need to plan a good layout to … Read more

5 Modern Bathroom Decor Ideas without Making It Feels Stuffy

Modern interior design means that the design is sleek, simple, and functional. This style appeared in the late 19th century. You can apply modern style to all rooms, including your bathroom. Check the modern bathroom decor ideas below for your reference. Wooden Bathroom A modern bathroom doesn’t mean that it consists of sophisticated features. You … Read more