5 New Kitchen Design Ideas to Have a Modern and Functional Cooking Area

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You have to find new kitchen design ideas to remodel your old kitchen design into a fresher cooking area. The remodeling project can even make the kitchen more functional than before.

Check the kitchen design ideas below to get a reference before remodeling your kitchen.

Hide the Cabinets in the Wall

This kitchen looks spacious and comfortable because you don’t see the entire part of the cabinet. The designer uses the wall to hide the cabinets. As a result, the cabinet seems to stick on the wall.

The big cabinets are not only on the wall but also on the countertop.

New design kitchen cabinets work effectively to store all kitchen utensils in the right place until you take them. The best part is that the kitchen looks neat and simple.

The use of white and a forest-green color makes this kitchen eye-catching.

The kitchen is even more attractive and modern with the use of downlight chandeliers and wall-mounted lamps. The use of big windows and glass doors also has a crucial role to make this kitchen fresh and comfortable.

Kitchen with a Cafe Model

It is a good idea for those who want to have a cafe at home. You only have to remove a half wall and put a new design kitchen countertop type on it.

Then, put several high chairs, so anyone who comes to the kitchen can sit there while waiting for their meals or drinks.

The good thing is that you can keep cooking while talking with the guests. You can even directly serve once the meal or drink is ready.

You may consider this style as one of the new kitchen design ideas if you only have a small cooking area. This model separates the kitchen area from other areas, so you can keep cooking even if others pass by.

Open Space Kitchen

Open space kitchens have become a trend. It is because people can see the way the cook treats and cooks the meal. You can also have it at home. You only need one side of the wall to put a countertop, wall-mounted cabinet, and other things in the kitchen.

You don’t have to cover it up with anything. The cooking and serving table is the only separator between the kitchen area and other areas.

Indeed, you can see people who are passing by and they can also see you cook the meals. Spacious access in the kitchen is another benefit of applying an open space kitchen at home.   

Open Space Kitchen with A Dining Area

You may only need a small dining area. Instead of creating it in a different area, you can use a small space in the kitchen for it. The kitchen above is a great example. The designer uses a big round rug to create a comfortable dining room.

It is great if you have a window in the kitchen. Put the dining area close to the window, so you can eat the meals while enjoying the scenery outside.

The best part is that you have a spacious open kitchen area. You don’t need any separator in this design. It is a simple new kitchen design idea you can apply at home.

Kitchen with Herbs

Imagine if you have a garden in your kitchen. People love this new kitchen design idea because it offers simplicity. The idea is to put some herbs or other plants that you often use for cooking.

You can grow them in small vases and put them in the wall-mounted, freestanding shelves, countertop, or anywhere around the kitchen.

The most important thing is that you can easily take care of the plants and harvest them. Ensure that the plants or herbs will not disturb your access while cooking in the kitchen.

Indeed, you will have a more functional kitchen by applying this idea. It is also a good idea for those who don’t have space for a garden. The new kitchen design ideas are cool, right?

The new design kitchen furniture will give you great inspiration before remodeling your kitchen at home. In the end, you have a more comfortable, functional, and safer kitchen than before.