5 Favorite Designs for Small Bathroom Colour Ideas

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Multiple small bathroom colour ideas can inspire you to remodel your space. Picking the right color can make your bathroom feel wider. You can experiment with some colors.

In this article, you will know your favorite colors that are appropriate for your smaller space. It can give more inspiration to your project. The following are examples. 

White as An Ideal Color

White is a standard color chosen by home designers. However, it has options of whites, such as pure white, crisp white, etc. You select one of them for small bathroom ideas with shower.

White is great for all types of rooms. Your tiny room will look larger and warmer. By having enough lighting, it can feature you with a welcoming feeling. 

Besides, this color is combinable to any color. You can match it with bright or dark colors. Additionally, it offers you a clean and fresh feeling. 

Yellow For Brighter Room

Interior designers consider light colors to make the room brighter. The reason is this color reflects the lights. So, the room appears larger than its size.

White is the best color in reflecting the lights. Yet, you can select other colors like yellow. Combining both can be an ideal option for your design. 

Add a few decorations to give a fresh look. Choose some essential aesthetics to allow you to have enough space in your limited area.

A Small Bathroom in Shades of Blue

Blue paint also hits the trend in a small bathroom design. It makes you aware that blue is rich in having visual attraction. It can work well in your tiny bathroom space along with white. 

You can select a light blue for the wall and whites for the equipment, like the tub and sink. Match the interior with dark blue storage below the sink. In this combination, your small bathroom colour ideas look not only brighter but also cheerful. 

Once you enter the room, you feel more spacious. Blue is great for minimalist, modern, or even contemporary design. The lighter color is ideal for beach or coastal bathroom design. 

Soft Purple for A Romantic Touch

Soft purple may be an unusual color for your bathroom design. However, some interior designs take this color in part of their bathroom project. 

If you like to do experiments, this color can be a perfect option for the remodel small bathroom ideas. It allows you to cover the entire wall. Select the style of a rustic farmhouse for your space. This choice can give a romantic atmosphere. 

Pick contrast colors for the equipment and decorations. Take crips white toilet and gold frames to against this soft purple. 

Darker Color for Bathroom without Window

Be confident in applying darker colors to your bathroom. This option is also ideal for your small space, although it has no windows.  Nowadays, most designers take dark grey or even white to apply in some of their works.

In this color, your room will look more masculine. Finalize your small bathroom colour ideas by providing enough lighting in each corner.