5 Types of Toilet and Bathroom Design That You Should Know

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A bathroom is a vital room at home because the toilet and bathroom design describe a home interior style.

Of course, your house will look less beautiful if it has no similar bathroom interior design to the whole home interior. Thus, deciding on an interior design of the bathroom is not easy. At least, you must find references to the types of bathroom designs. 

Bohemian Bathroom Design 

If you want a classical bathroom design looking so cheerful, a bohemian bathroom design becomes the right choice. You can use floral ceramic tiles or floors. You should choose bright colour motifs for the ceramic tiles.

This is useful to make your bathroom look strict. You can also arrange ceramic tiles to be an image on the bathroom wall. The mirror with engraving detail can add a classical and elegant impression.

You can also add the other bohemian accessories in this bathroom such as abstract paintings, montage, classical pail, and many more. 

Coastal Bathroom Design 

For the people loving a coastal situation, this bathroom type becomes the right choice. It is one of thebathroom ideas that you can make. Though it accentuates a coastal atmosphere, the design of this bathroom looks so shady to see.

It has deep blue sea colour, Tosca, and white making it look colourful but it stays warm. You can combine this coastal bathroom design with natural stone tiles for a natural impression.

To be a wall decorator, you can display coastal themed paintings and shell accessories on the wall. It is one of the recommended toilet and bathroom design to know. 

Vintage Bathroom Design 

For people who want to apply a unique and clean bathroom design, vintage bathroom design becomes the right choice. You can arrange small bathroom floor plans carefully with a geometric pattern.

You can also choose some combinations of the colours arranged to be a mosaic pattern. You can also set a beadboard on the wall. To compliment, you can add a wooden table to store your towel and bathing utensils.

You can also install a mirror on the wall to give a luxurious and wider impression in the bathroom. Besides, it is better not to apply more wall accessories to this vintage bathroom design. 

Industrial Bathroom Design 

An elegant bathroom design is not always tidy and bright. It can look messy with the domination of dark colours. Those tend to accentuate the elegance and luxury of the bathroom.

You can apply this  bathroom design at home being a unique bathroom idea. This industrial bathroom with brick can accentuate the industrial side of the 19th century. Besides, it has a strong and durable concrete wall.

You can use a packet or cement for the bathroom floor. You can use a stone bathtub and wooden table in this bathroom. 

Rustic Bathroom Design 

It is not wrong to make a countryside impression and atmosphere at home. You will get impressed with the shadiness of the rustic bathroom design. You will take natural elements such as wood and stone.

Those are dominating bathroom furniture items. To accentuate a more natural impression, you can add some flower pots to this rustic bathroom. If you love an exotic impression, you can display traditional crafts, natural paintings, or engraving products in this bathroom.

You shouldn’t use white lights because it makes this bathroom look tidy.  Those are some types of a toilet and bathroom design that you can build at home. You may choose one of the best designs.